Donji Milanovac

This tour connects different points over time and opens the way through the history of this part of Europe. The natural characteristics of the Đerdap gorge are the basic condition for which this part of the Danube has such a colorful history, which today owes a lot.

We reach the city of Golubac, near the wall of Golubac fortress. The medieval town is at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge and with its part touches the Danube waters.  From Golubac, we continue along the Danube along the main road, and after half an hour we come to Lepenski Vir, the oldest organized settlement in Europe. The settlement was built around 7000 BC.

The archaeological site itself is in its prime state today and consists of several parts and the tour of the visitor center provides a unique experience. The particularity of this place, in archaeological terms, is that the entire settlement is transferred from its original location and it is absolutely the same as when Lepenci lived in it.

The road leads us further through Donji Milanovac to the most beautiful part of Đerdap where there are small and big gorges. For those with a better physical condition, it is possible to go to the panoramic view of Ploče, from which the famous views on Djerdap, which have become the trademark of this gorge, are provided. Lunch in a rural household  ’’Captain Miša’s Hill’’. Transfer to ship.

Lepinski Vir Tour

Duration: 3.5 Hour

Short Itinerary:

  1. Transfer to Golubac Fortress - 15 min

  2. Visit of Golubac Fortress - 45 min 

  3. Transfer to archaeological park Lepenski VIr - 1 h

  4. Visit of Lepenski Vir - The oldest urban settlement in Europe - 1 h

  5. Transfer to ship - 30 min