Enjoy the culture of Novi Sad

Duration: 3 h

​Short Itinerary:

  1. 30 min: Transfer from the ship to the farm „Salas“

  2. 2 h: : Lunch in the farm, home-made food and national drinks, local musicians and dance.

  3. 30 min: Transfer back to the ship

Salas 137.jpg

Lunch on the farm "Salas 137", traditional food and national drinks, local musicians

2 h

Salaš 137 is a unique place near Novi Sad. You will enjoy home-made food and drink along with the authentic ambience of the countryside and local music of the Vojvodina Plain. Salaš 137 is recognizable and for years it has been affirmed by this concept of its cuisine and social life. Relax and enjoy the tastes and scents of Serbia.

salas 137 2.jpg