Ethno Village

Duration: 4 Hours

Short Itinerary:

  1.  1 h: Transfer from the ship to ethno village

  2.  2 h: Lunch on the farm with home-made food, national drinks, local musicinas and dance 

  3.  1 h: Transfer to the ship


Ethno Village 

1 Hour: Transfer to village
2 Hour: Lunch, home-made food and national drinks, local musicians and dance
1 Hour: Transfer to ship

The ethno village estate extends to 5600 m2, and visitors can enjoy it in numerous activities and learn more about the traditional way of life in Srem, enjoy a rich meal made of delicious local dishes and drinks as well as to buy some of the unique hand-made souvenirs. On the estate, guests have the opportunity to visit the garden with local indigenous animals characteristic of this climate. instruments, taste the finest and best quality wines from Serbia, or simply enjoy a walk on a property that is only 200 meters from the coast of the Sava River, which is only part of what the guests are waiting for on the property.