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Our land service provides services for the safety of navigation and the correctness of the ship. We deal with all of the faults and problems on board and equipment that are defective or need servicing or spare parts. Experienced and trained repairmen, capable of removing failures on all types of platforms and installations and quickly and professionally solve every problem.
We are available 24 hours a day.



We always kep up with real needs of our customers and associaates, which imply low prices on our markets where you can buy everything, all in cohesion with consistently good quality and service. We strive to maintain mutual trust with our costumers, on order to meet all their needs.

Danube Ports

We are available for communication with all Danube ports in Serbia, in case of any short termed modifications. Our service will be at any point on the Danube, at disposal of the crew and quests. We also provide service for all custom formalities and support in compliance with all applicable regulations during the customs control on entry. Feel safe and enjoy Serbia. 



+381 11 397 76 49


Milovana Marinkovica 13,
Belgrade, Serbia

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